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MAQ Hotels”, in 2018, includes one independent accommodation center that we can find in the middle of the gorgeous Ocna Sibiului resort. All those who wish to enjoy the enchanting landscape that has been sprinkled with the 12 salted lakes along the years, and feel like taking refuge in a peaceful, unruffled spot in nature but also take advantage and enjoy the health remedies with salted water and natural mud, can really find here and appreciate what they have been looking for. If you need a quiet and private environment with the partner, for sure that anyone can find at MAQ Hotels the alternative that is best suited for each. The placing of the accommodation center in Ocna Sibiului, the quality of services, the cleanliness and kindness of the staff are but unquestionable advantages of the accommodation at MAQ the Black Lake  in Ocna Sibiului.


cazare@maqhotels.ro or 0766488004

Meal serving

Imagine a quiet morning far from the noise and pressure of the city that you have just left behind for a couple of days where you wake up flooded by the mountain sunlight and the concert of the birds! A tantalizing, rich and natural breakfast, a tasty coffee and the gorgeous view from the terrace, this is what the Pension Terrace within the MAQ pension is offering to you early in the morning! 

A rich breakfast and natural too, in a very hospitable room of the MAQ Hotels is being offered to you in an elegant and tranquil setting where you can enjoy the natural products of the region as well as the tantalizing coffee early in the morning of your staying there and throught the day.

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The lakes in Ocna Sibiului



Being placed in a dream like landscape the lakes in Ocna Sibiului have been well known since ancient times due to their natural therapy wonders with salt and mud. A heliothermic phenomenon takes place during the months of May and June every year. Thus, the water of the lakes is very warm sometimes it goes up to 50 degrees. These months are the most precious for aerosol very early in the morning when the lakes are wrapped in vapors.


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