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It has in his collection two independent pensions in Ocna Sibiului, Sibiu-Romania

Ocna Sibiului is located near the city of Sibiu and is one of the most important health resort for the center of the country. Wonders of nature, used used to treat various diseases, in Ocna Sibiului can enumerate: the salty waters of the lakes area, the sapropel and the mineral water of the Horea fountain. After restoration from previous years, the Balneary complex Ocna Sibiului resort has capitalized the arhitectural beauty, for creation of a perfect complex for treatment and relaxation into an open frame and attractive. Tourist spots from Ocna Sibiului: trip at the old medieval fortress from area or in the cities like Sibiu, Mediaș, Shigișoara,Mărginimea Sibiului, recognized cities for the ambient Middle Ages. sau 0766488004