The Lakes

In Ocna Sibiului are 12 antroposalted important lakes around the resort has been developed. Many of these water assemblies were formed from ancient and medieval times after mining salt bell. Among the most popular lakes are: Bottomless Lake –  formed on an abandoned former saline salt in the middle of the eighteenth century, has the most powerful heliothermic and it was declared a natural monument; Avram Iancu Lake – the deepest lake antroposalted from Romania, having a depth of 160 meters; Br├óncoveanu Lake – one of the saltiest lakes in the country, with a salinity of 400 g/l.

Ocna Sibiului

Ocna Sibiului is located near the city of Sibiu and is one of the most important treatment resorts in the center of the country. Wonders of nature, used in treating various diseases at Ocna Sibiului are known salty waters of lakes of surroundings, the mud and mineral water of Horea spring. The Ocna Sibiului resort is a real boon for those suffering from rheumatism, asthma, gynecological diseases, sterility or diseases of the peripheral nervous system. 


Treatment base

The spa resort is currently in a process of reconstruction and modernization.

Reformed fortress-church in the thirteenth century

The reformed fortress-church from thirteenth century, originally Roman basilica, is built of stone and brick, with thick walls with buttresses, with three naves and six bays, with semicircular apse and with massive belltower. The southern portal keeps a Romanesque relief representing the tree of life flanked by two lions. They are besieged several times by fire church was later rebuilt in the Gothic style, with some Renaissance elements. Since 1569 the church was passed from Roman Catholic cult to the cult Calvin.

Brancoveanu Church

Brancoveanu Church is founded by Michael the Brave from 1600. After the battle of Selimbar, from 1599, Mihai Viteazul did stop here, on the hill near the church which has to stand up in honor of the victory. The church has a stone foundation and was built of brick.